ChiAha is a modular application. Each package in the ChiAha family of digital twin simulation tools offers the same core set of high-end features. Packages differ based on added functionality. These are just a few of the capabilities packed into ChiAha products.

Modular Model Construction

  • Rate based modeling

    Discrete Rate modeling has been trusted by top Fortune listed companies for decades to simulate high-speed or large-volume bulk flow systems.

  • Parsimonious model construction

    A handful of simple concepts makes it easier to think about your production process model.

  • Pre-built Components

    Designed with the flexibility of a reusable model simulator with modular, higher-level constructs so that you can build a reputable production model faster.

  • Reliability Focused Design

    Integrated reliability interrupts drive high fidelity behavior.

  • Integrated Factory Physics

    Nodes with built-in blocking and starving behavior based on dynamics of line through time.

  • Intuitive Model Building

    No-Code and No-Drag & Drop model building. ChiAha leverages text based markdown to make the model building & simulation framework easier than ever.