OUR History

ChiAha has specialized in building professional simulation and optimization models and tools for over 3 decades.

ChiAha represents the culmination of 35 years of intensive model-building for a diverse spectrum of industry.

Our Team

ChiAha was created with the help of our talented consulting partners and friends from:

Simulation Dynamics


Technology Optimization & Management  

Our team of highly skilled modelers, analysts, developers, and engineers are available to partner with you on your raw data to prediction journey!

Our Founder

Andrew Siprelle

Andrew is driven by a passion to unlock the value of simulation and modeling in helping to solve real-world problems. Since founding Simulation Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) in the early 90’s, he has been an educator, a consultant, a simulation tool developer, and a smart applications technology leader.

Andrew coined the term “Discrete Rate Simulation”, and developed one of the earliest libraries for quickly building models of multi-stage plants that produce powder or bulk solids; e.g., a breakfast cereal plant.

ChiAha is the culmination of a lifelong dream for Andrew, who has always wanted to reinvent and more widely distribute the benefits of the DRS worldview.